Make it more about squadrons

Command a squadron of spaceships
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Make it more about squadrons

Post by davidbofinger » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:22 am

The game is advertised as "command a squadron of spaceships" but really you have very little control over your wingcritters. Also, the victory system cares only about your personal kills so it encourages you to be callous about wingcritters and steal their kills where possible. Some suggestions for making this game more about the squadron:

1. New squadron-level instructions "engage enemy fighters" (ignores other craft) and "engage enemy primary target(s)" (ignores everything else).

2. Make squadron-level commands single-click radio buttons on the main screen.

3. Allow squadron rate of fire to be set to low/medium (default)/high. This affects how likely other ships in your squadron are to fire and how much.

4. At the moment the only victory scheme is the table reflecting pilot performance. Have one that reflects squadron performance. You get points for achieving the mission and for your squadron scoring kills. You lose points when your squadron suffers kills, especially if the pilot dies.

5. It's odd we never hear e.g. from the ship we've come to protect. Have a switch that lets you turn chatter levels up or down: no chatter, messages only about own ship, messages from own squadron (default), messages from all friendly ships.

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