Thrust vs Turning

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Thrust vs Turning

Post by Steve! » Sat Jan 29, 2005 9:41 pm

So... What?s everyone?s opinions on the best balance of turn and thrust to make an effective fighter.

I go for ultra high manoeuvrability, 70+ while leaving my thrust at 30-35. This gives me immense control whilst flying at top speed and the ability to avoid many tailing missiles, even daycorns occasionally. The disadvantage comes from when I stop. This happens either when I hit an asteroid or a ship. Asteroids I can avoid fairly easily, but ships are unpredictable. When I stop, I?m usually in a lot of trouble but if I?ve hit an asteroid or friendly ship I can scoot round behind it to avoid damage till I speed up again.

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Post by McLauren » Mon Jan 31, 2005 4:06 am

I use stealthy ships so my opinion varies form what you need in a normal fighter. A normal fighter really needs turning to avoid the daycorns, and get in optimum position to fire thier own. However, normally when I fire on ship they dont even know im there, giving me plenty of time to set up my shot. The problem is, other than wingmen blowing the suprise by firing impossible shots, is that they are usually still in formation and apparently the wingleader doesny always fly straight and the enemy ships suddenly slow down and throw reverse to stay in formation, when this happens I need to be able to adjust speed accordingly to keep form getting too close or having to break off so that I dont get detected. So speed control is a real issue for me. My ships tend to have at least 50 trust and at least 60 turn, should I get detected, which I often do.

I also need speed control for more daring manuevers like sitting in front f an ene,y ship as it approches, because I see them before they see me and wait till they are about 1 turn away from detecting me and firing 4 plectrons right in thier face. They dont have time to turn and I can sometimes kill the wingleader right off the bat. hehe.

Speed control also comes in handy when im flying my stealth bomber and I stumble across those fortifications. I quickly need to reduce speed and get my bearings

I really need thrust when I am moving slow, though. Often when I am moving slow, aqcuiring one target, something like a watcher strays too close and fires on me from the rear. And I though 'I' was the stealthy one. :roll:

So basically for me, I have found that with my flying style and capabilities of my ships, I need my thrust ratio fairly close to my turn ratio. However, due to my stealth I cant have too many engines, which means I have to slack considerably on sheildin, which makes getting the hell out of radar range even more important.

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Post by Old Man Johnson » Wed Feb 16, 2005 2:56 am

1. Armor. Lots of armor for a ship of it's cost. Your commander will be no good if he dies constantly.

2. Repair. Don't want to be taken out of the fight by crap stray missiles that take out your launchers or engines. Also lets you take more hits.

3. 4 Missile launchers. You need firepower to get Gold Crosses.

4. Plectrons. Many Plectrons.

5. A few daycorns (like, 10 or 15).

6. Maneuver, though not as important due to the armor.


DO NOT PURSUE!! You will be outmaneuvered by light ships. Instead, try to head on and get the perfect shot. I'll try to get a picture.

Asteroids are your friend. Computers that are stopped...heh, heh...

Enemy collisions are your friend, for the same reason.

Head-on the enemy if it is weak. Your armor and launchers will provide success.
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Post by Steve! » Wed Feb 16, 2005 4:26 pm

Well it wasnt a thread about best ship design, but never mind

I disagree with not pursuing ships, my ship has full armour, and full internal componants (including four repair bots) and has the manouverability to easily stay on the tail of all but the most manouverable light fighters. I kill plenty of enemies whilst maintaing full front sheilding to protect me from stray missiles and the odd head on collision. If a computer opponant decides to ram you head on, 4 yataris will wreck 8 yellow shileds no problem, that would leave you very vulnerable for the rest of the game.

Plus all enemy ships have VERY vulnerable rear armour.

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