Two new missile types

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Post by Old Man Johnson » Tue Feb 06, 2007 2:36 am

Well, if you want a promotion, you should probably be going for the ships, not the objectives, since the objectives are, strangely enough, not worth as much. You'd think the person who completes the mission objective would be more honored than the one who just goes around stealing kills from everybody XD

But anyway, with a little practice, you'll be able to nail ships with Plectrons (playing earlier today, I killed three Heathens on mission 4 with just 9 plectrons). It's really effective once you get it down.
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Post by PlecTron » Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:13 am

actually i have just changed tactics: instead of doing only missions with static civillian objectives (observatory, transmitter, fuel depot), i am now doing missions with no statics, except for the radar base mission. btw i never do defense missions, as i am worthless at defending. i did make a mission with LOADS of enemy statics once, called Critical Star, with an enemy starbase right next to a freindly starbase, a freindly wormhole near the edge, and enemy turrets factorys radars and a ring of crippled enemys all converged on by friendly cripples as you and 2 other wings come in from the side!!! i loved it, as Plec sweeps are deadly in there! i have also just now realized that in a hot firefight, statics are best left to Yataris (fire in general direction, the missle lines up with it, then continues on oblivious to distracting targets, while u zip away from the Oriks 2 turns away from your behind!) but on calm missions, 15 plecs is plenty to kill the statics. also i had another missile idea! Dumbfire Missles! No guidance, but they dont fire forward :D instead they fall to either side, then the turn after firing, they accelerate in a random forward direction! If your entering an area with multiple enemys, but every time you fire, some drone or bug pulls the missle off, causing the missle to fly away into the depths of empty space, then this is the missle for you! there is no predicting its angle (except that it wont hit you if you continue straight) so you cant dodge it like a plectron or pull it off (unguided) like a geenee or daycorn, nor can you turn to dodge it like you would any expended missle. and, it can be fired effectively from a "safe" path through a huge enemy base full of turrets and ships (and bases and stuff to ram into, turning you into a sitting duck for the turrets!) because it falls to the side and *then* flies off in a random forward direction. also you cant fire more than 2 at once (1 to each side), BUT if you fire 2, they are fired at the same time, to each side!
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