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Critical Mass Training Missions

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:13 am
by Critical Mass Geek
Hi. I've been playing this game for years. I used to have a different account on this forum, but I stopped using the forum for a long time, forgot what my account was, and stopped using my old email, so now I'm using this account. Anyway, I've recently created a series of training missions to explore various tactical scenarios in Critical Mass. The missions are of varying difficulties, and are each numbered in approximate accordance with their difficulty. The thing which makes these missions unique is that the difficulty of the missions is gradually increased not necessarily by increasing the number of enemies (i.e. forcing the player to fight four or five enemy squadrons instead of only one) but instead by increasing the tactical complexity of the missions (for instance, by requiring you to fulfill multiple objectives rather than only a single objective, by randomizing the locations of enemy units so you don't initially know where they are, and eventually by randomizing the numbers of enemies so you never know for sure if you've gotten them all yet). I thought others might find them interesting, so I've attached them to this post in a .zip file. I may post further versions of this mission set in the future if I think of other tactically interesting missions which aren't currently included here. If anyone has any other missions which require complex or unique tactics, I invite you to share them here.