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Ship Test Mode

Post by Legacy » Tue Jul 05, 2005 2:44 am

I was thinking(I know, scary thought), and I wondered waht the players(and Sean) thought of this idea for testing ships...

In the editor, have a test button, and it launches a miossion that pits your ship against a wing of the various drones, a turret array, and an asteroid field, all for the purpose of testing hte combat capacity of ships. This would be really useful for high end ships that you have to risk veteran commanders to test otherwise...

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Post by Skywalker » Tue Jul 05, 2005 5:31 am

Good idea. I actually thought it would be a good idea for non-campaign missions. For example, in Descent Freespace, you have a standard campaign, and you have three hardcoded missions available in the simulator:

Shivan Gauntlet, where you fight Shivans, which you only see in hardcoded campaign in the mission after Avenging Angels

Terran Gauntlet, where you fight "Tratorious terran vessels"

Vasudan Gauntlet, where you fight Vasudan ships (funny that).

In each, you fight waves of enemy ships, I think six, but I am not sure, and they are all the same number of waves, and you are given free choice of any armament you like to fight them with, and any ship. TOP: You can't create custom ships [in Descent Freespace], so the thing loses much of its use.

It could also be useful to have an option to start at high levels, like the russian nobles in the lead-up to WWI. I know it was Erik Durschmeid in 'The Hinge Factor' but I do not know the exact translation of the levels of nobility. I am pretty sure that a duke was an instant general. There could be the option that once you attain a certain level, you can't get your character back, but you could start your new character at the highest checkpoint you achieved, or any below that. This may be a little good, but it is better than the present situation, as you would not lose L levels, but
L-(10*int(L/10) levels, if you did it by every ten levels.

Problem is that you would need to have a high amount to be paid for starting there, but low enough so that you have more cash if you go up there from the previous marker.
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