N00b! Any Help?!!

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N00b! Any Help?!!

Post by AnarchyStorm » Fri Jul 22, 2005 3:58 pm

Hi all... Im a n00b here on the forums. I played version 4c for the first time today and got to Mission 19, 1 Gold cross, 2 medals of conspiuc bravery and 6 meds of Honour.

Anyone got any help or tips for me please ;)

Oh, and Hi!
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Post by Father Of All Victories » Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:07 pm

1) Read all the threads in the CM message board!!!
2) Try and accomplish the mission, not only run after medals. Credits you get for your ships also depend upon successes.
3) Do not waste your missils if you want good medals.
4) Carefully anticipate the time for you to hyperspace (it will spare you a lot of hurried ejections).
5) Be not so reluctant and do not wait too much to eject (even if it is better to save the ship than loose it as far as medals are concerned) : STAY ALIVE :!: .
6) Take your time to play and carefully study : a) terrain using the long range scanner and the zooming function b) the ennemy ship before you fire (choose the missils you fire depending on its characteristics). Do read the squadron chatter.
7) Remain cautious and carefully watch out for frienly fire possibilities. Learn not to fire in a number of situations when a friendly ship might be hit for : a) good medals are not for those who kill their wingmates, and b) you need them (to accomplish the mission and to help you against many ennemy ships -- well I know you said you are many... :wink: ). Learn to recognize whether it is even so worth taking the risk and fire (according to certain strategical or tactical considerations)
8 ) Remain cautious even when firing Drachan missils (I've seen them too often hitting asteroids and even friendly ships) :oops: .
9) After a collision between your ship and an obstacle (be it anasteroid or a friendly ship or an ennemy), when you happen to be stopped and must restart your engines, you sometime can take advantage to reverse and get moving backward (which allows you to fire at the ennemy coming from "behind") :idea: .
10) When the mission begins, remember you are not obliged a) to lead your squadron straight forward all the way to the ennemy :idea: (nor to always keep flying with your men).
11) Learn how not to be limited by the thirty turns (there is a thread concerning this point) in find-out and-destroy missions, when you need time to find out the target.
12) Design your own ships. Make them useful (do not skimp on stealth) and usable (definitively forget about super hyper high cost dream ships). Try as many possible combinations as you can and keep the best ones. As for the design itself, make it rather small (the smaller the better when you fly within an asteroid field or collide an ennemy or have to manoeuver so as to avoid plectrons missils ? other kinds of missils are guided so they will aim on you whatever the size of your ship) ? most of my own custom ships are slightly bigger than the average size of a missil (for that reason I usely play a Ryckurn pilot ? there is no green missil so it is easier for me to see my men).
13) And many more hints and tips that you will discover by yourself provided you keep playing and experimenting?

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Post by Old Man Johnson » Fri Jul 22, 2005 10:02 pm

1st time and you got to mission 19? Wow! I only got to....um...1...
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Post by Legacy » Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:37 am

My first game is still clinging onto the last slot of my RoH on my other computer...

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Re: N00b! Any Help?!!

Post by Fuzzy Wonky » Sat Jul 23, 2005 12:40 pm

AnarchyStorm wrote:I played version 4c for the first time today and got to Mission 19, 1 Gold cross, 2 medals of conspiuc bravery and 6 meds of Honour.
Not that bad for a first time! :shock:

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Post by qwas » Tue Aug 23, 2005 11:48 am

Im a noob at lots of games Ive had for ages :lol:
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