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Plectrons are too powerful

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 9:49 pm
by Steve!
Ok, i know plectrons used to be pointless, but now they are just too good.

I have had an eagle with 5 blue shields have them all ripped off by one plectron.

Whats more is one of my commanders was killed by a plectron to either his front or side, i couldnt tell which, he had 5 yellow shields on his front and 2 on his side. Thats at least two super shields with enough energy to destroy two command points!

Yataris are fair because they are slow, you have so much time before they reach you, but plectrons are fast.

I never use yataris anymore, they are pointless, plectrons are faster and more powerful, whats more as they dont home, you can 'guess' an opponant and slam one in his flight path for a near instant kill, yataris will lock on and miss unless hes going exceptionally slow.

Yataris homing makes them very good anti static defense but how hard is it to line up exactly with a stationary target anyway? In terms of base bashing, plectrons once again win.

I've said it before, I have downed a starbase with three plectrons, thats not even funny.

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 10:25 pm
by Fusion_power

I agree that Plectrons are very powerful but I wouldn't have it any other way. The Yataris were that way in the old game and in the earlier betas of version 4 had 20mton warheads. Sean scaled them back to 12 mtons as a result of testing the game and finding that you could just point in the general direction of a stationary target and wipe it out with one or two missiles. This resulted in the objective being wiped out in too many games. The Plectron is still powerful enough that you can carry some serious firepower but since its un-guided, its not as likely to knock out an objective unless you are precisely aligned.

In the early beta versions, the daycorn had only 15T of fuel. This resulted in it not being able to follow a target for more than one turn. This made the daycorn almost useless when fighting ships with tight turn radii. Sean adjusted the fuel up to 18T which made the missiles able to follow most targets for 2 turns.

I presume you are playing the latest 4.x beta. Whats the highest mission you've gotten to? I've been able to get two admirals, one with 40 missions and the other with 59 missions. I haven't been able to break through 60 missions yet but am confident it can be done.

Note that when you hit about 30 missions, the game becomes much tougher. My 56th mission was Attack Sector Base which was a real killer. I had another mission Attack Enemy Planet with at least 20 Warriors among the enemy. I thought my goose was COOKED.

What do you think of the missions:
Attack Asteroid Mining and Manufacturing facility
Destroy Colonizer (especially when you can't find the *!#@W# colonizer)
Attack/Defend Wormhole
Attack/Defend Transmitters
Attack/Defend Fuel depots
Attack Sector Base (if you've played it)

Take a look at:


Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 4:29 pm
by Steve!
So far I was doing quite well, even though I got up to only about mission 16 I had never really been in a seriously life threatening position, at least 50% of the damage I took came from friendly fire, or through being rammed by a friendly, causing me to stop and get shot (they are so unpredictable, I swerve to avoid one, and they ALWAYS swerve the same way!) I had not once ejected, and always hyperspaced safely without too much concern, (btw love the new 8 turn hyperspace! makes getting away tougher and catching wussy enemies easier!)

But my point is that I went from being pleased with myself that my ship was good and I was kicking some serious butt, to being instantly vaporised by a plectron I assumed my armour could take!

Now if it had been a volley of daycorns to my un-armoured rear, I would have been annoyed, but I would have deserved it, 2 yellow shields should stop a plectron, the fact that it will destroy up to five blue, makes it, in my opinion seriously overpowered,

The new randomness means that often you encounter fighters far from their bases they are supposed to protect. After (or before) I've dealt with the enemy fighters, moping up a defenceless set of radar/transmitters etc. is easily done with either yatari or plectron.

My suggestion is that plectrons and yataris both have a 12 mega ton warhead; you choose either the speed of a plectron to compliment an agile ship, or the lazy homing of a yatari to compliment a juggernaut. But even so, a good pilot will have no use for a yatari, beyond picking off ejected or hit and runs on heavily defended bases

(No homing also means that plectrons don?t hit asteroids! Now that is exceptionally useful as asteroids are far more common now. When I died I was in an asteroid belt, had that turret fired any other missile, it would probably have tracked an asteroid. (ok, drachens won?t, but they do 5 m-ton.))

Attack coloniser is so annoying, but at least it can't escape once you find it!
Attack the trainee pilots drove me nuts first time I flew it! By the time I'd located them, they had split up! One of them made it off alive and I failed!

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 7:38 pm
by Fusion_power

You should have ejected. Never EVER take a chance on being hit by a plectron and if being chased by an orik, you can be taken out if you don't have at least 2 blue shields and an engine or two.

There are several new missions that act as "watersheds" to make the player learn new ways to attack. The Attack Asteroid Mining and Shipbuilding Facility is one such. Attack Sector Base and Attack Fortified Asteroid Field are two more. This was an accidental/purposeful effect of the re-design of the game.

The new version should have you sitting on the edge of your seat much more often than version 3.

Design your own ships or use some of the custom designs on the webpage linked above. You'll find that its much easier to win compared with using the internal ships. One other intent of the new version was to make it desirable to design your own ships.


Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 9:44 pm
by Steve!
I'm all for being kept on the edge of my seat, but instant vaporisation is not something that does that, it just annoys me, and makes me shy away from going anywhere near a badguy.

I dont want to discuss strategy and what not, In future I will eject in that situation. My point is, plectrons are unfairly powerful. I took out just about every system in a panther with two plectrons. Despite the fact one hit the front armour and one hit the side.

I destroyed a starbase with 3! Thats crazy, If i can get a firing line on a starbase, with three missile batteries ready, the missions pretty much over.

I believe that plectrons should be reduced to 12 m-ton. They would still be deadly, due to their high speed, but they would not be the missile to end all missiles.

Consider this: If you empty 6 well placed daycorns on an enemy and they all hit, that has less damaging effect than flinging 6 plectorns in his general direction and only 2 hitting

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 6:31 am
by Sean OConnor
I got wiped out by a Plectron once too so I have toned them down a little. It all depends on which beta you are playing with, but currently the Plectron warhead is 13Mt and the Yatari is 10Mt.

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2004 6:50 am
by Fighter_Ace
Sean O'Connor wrote:I got wiped out by a Plectron once too so I have toned them down a little. It all depends on which beta you are playing with, but currently the Plectron warhead is 13Mt and the Yatari is 10Mt.
That is great you toned them down a bit. I hated gaining a high rank then going out to battle and my ship blown to kingdom come with just two plectrons! I love Steve's idea of both missiles the same, though. I just love using yataris to smash into ships at high speeds. The slow movement of the yatari makes it a great choice for spraying in the open field and wrecking any thing in the path! If you are going in reverse, they also work as mines which I love to do. Do you think just 10mt is enough for the yataris? I like the idea of both of them 13mg.