Credits: anyone understand the formula, is it public domain?

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Credits: anyone understand the formula, is it public domain?

Post by dpm_dpmartin » Tue Jun 13, 2006 1:21 pm

I had been doing some experiments, trying to figure out where my credits are coming from, and wondered if anyone could save me the time by just telling me (for sure I mean, conjecture I have enough of myself) how it all works.

My first simple test... this is no indication of my skill (or lack of it)... provided the following information:

Start: 350 credits.
Mission 1: Failed, 0 kills: 350 credits.
Mission 2: Succeeded, 1 kill: 354 credits.
Mission 3: Succeeded, 3 kills, MOOC, Promoted: 382 credits.
Mission 4: Succeeded, 2 kills: 386 credits.
Mission 5: Succeeded, 1 kill: 390 credits.
Mission 6: Succeeded, 2 kills, MOCB: 396 credits.
Mission 7: Succeeded, 2 kills, MOH, Promoted: 421 credits.
Mission 8: Failed, 3 kills, MOCB: 423 credits.
Mission 9: Succeeded, 2 kills: 427 credits.
Mission 10: Succeeded, 1 kill, MOCB: 433 credits.
Mission 11: Succeeded, 3 kills, MOOC: 441 credits.
Mission 12: Succeeded, 1 kill, MOCB: 447 credits.
Mission 13: Succeeded, 0 kills: 451 credits.
Mission 14: Failed, 2 kills, MOCB: 453 credits.
Mission 15: Succeeded, 0 kills: 457 credits.
Mission 16: Succeeded, 4 kills: 461 credits.
Mission 17: Failed, 2 kills, MOH, promoted: 482 credits.
Mission 18: Succeeded, 4 kills, TGC: 494 credits.

It seems to me that you get the most credits when you get promoted. What I haven't analysed yet is whether you get promoted after a certain number of missions, a certain credit total reached or a certain number of kills.

Mission 17 I failed, but I also got a medal and I also got promoted - so, lots of credits there. I would be quite pleased to better understand what makes it matter if you get a medal and what type it might be... is it how many ships you kill, how many ships you fire upon and hit, your hit ratio? I guess the rules are different for different medals... am I correct in assuming that something like TGC has a good chance of being presented if you kill more than 4 enemy ships? Probably not.

I would also be very interested to understand whether a new version of Critical Mass is being worked on or whether other projects are leading the way. I only ask as I would be very interested in whether other suggestions that have been put forward in this forum might be acted upon.

Other than that... Critical Mass, annoying isn't it? The other day I was on mission 72 or so, ambling along after wiping the floor with the enemy fleet who were, rather cheekily I thought, attacking my sector base... the remnants of the rag-tag bunch had just hypered out of there with their tails between their legs... I'd had 6 kills or so and was rather pleased with myself... when a friendly super turret decided he had a chance to bag the last kill of the day... aimed for a recently-vanished Vampire and hit me full-on frontal with a Plectron... I just stared at the screen for quite some time.

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Post by umeboshi110 » Tue Jun 13, 2006 1:33 pm

u get 4 credits for a success, none for a failure, 1,2,4,8 for each of the medals, and a bunch for being promoted. medals are based on the total value of the enemy ships you killed compared to your ship. you get subtracted for killing your own guys and killing civilians counts for squat. i guess promotion depends on kills or something.

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Post by BoxZone_Author » Mon Jun 19, 2006 10:20 pm

Promotion occurs after a fixed number of total kills.

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Post by drwhite7 » Thu Jul 06, 2006 2:50 am

You get exactly 20 credits for each promotion. This adds to whatever number of credits you got for the mission you got your promotion in.

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