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The Admiral graphics pack

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:26 pm
by NOR
For those of you who like these simple but incredible games I would like to share my handmade graphics pack for The General. It converts the land battle played in the original version of game into a pre-WWII naval operation. The zip file attached to the message contains both Board graphics and Piece graphics files, to enjoy the naval warfare you are to select both of them.
Key features:
- Units are now located at sea and the impassable squares in the middle of map are two islands.
- All mobile units are combat ships of different classes, except Scouts which are now Patrol Zeppelins. Sappers are converted into Minesweepers and the Spy becomes Submarine.
- Bombs are converted into sea mines.
- The flag is converted into a landing ship carrying reinforcement of Marines to the islands. You are expected to sink the enemy landing ship to win, in this case the islands will fall into your hands, which is the purpose of the operation.
Sorry for a primitive graphics but I'm not a professional artist.
Enjoy and fell free to report any bugs :)