New Player, some questions/suggestions

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New Player, some questions/suggestions

Post by sposobi » Wed Apr 04, 2007 10:02 pm

Just got the full version after playing the demo off and on for several months. GREAT timewaster!! I have a couple of questions/comments:

1. Is there any advantage to defending while in a city?
2. Would it be possible to add a land unit that could assault directly from a transport, i.e. a marine unit? I know you can move into unoccupied cities now, but sometimes it would be a good thing to be able to attack occupied cities directly fomr a ship - would also save a turn.
3. Would it be possible to add an air defense unit - slow movement, low defense against ground attack, high defense against air units, perhaps a range?
4. Is it possible to move naval units as a stack?
5. Would it be possible to add a base construction unit? Sometimes the cities are "inconveniently" placed on the land masses. It woudl be handy to be able to build a forward base to use to refuel aircraft. Should act like a city for refueling purposes, maybe move as a para, be as expensive/slow to build as a BB, but have no production value.
6. Can units be repaired? If I'm reading the information panel correctly, units take damage as they are in combat, but I've not figured out how/if they can be repaired.
7. Why does the game freeze when you minimize it onscreen? It does fie if I open new windows over it, but if I minimize it to get at something on the desktop, it almost invariably freezes and has to be restarted.

Just a couple of thoughts. I've been enjoying the game a fair bit. it's simple, but very engaging.

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Post by Fuzzy Wonky » Wed Apr 04, 2007 11:20 pm

As to your question n?6, the game instructions read:
"A piece which has been damaged by an enemy attack can be repaired by moving it to a friendly city. To heal a ship it must be left next to a friendly port, all other pieces must be left in any friendly city. Pieces left there are gradually repaired at the beginning of every day."

The two major words are "left" (viz. unused) and "gradually" (viz. slowly).
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