A couple of suggestions

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A couple of suggestions

Post by Bagpiper » Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:05 pm

Great games Sean!!!! :D

I ordered all of the windows games about 2 years ago, I've played all of them but MoaB has been my favorite. I do, however, have a couple of suggestions for a next version:

Make the game and the info screens all in one window, I sometimes get annoyed when one of the info screens gets highlighted by mistake, and then I try to move the view with the arrow keys and nothing happens.

I've also got an idea for two more info bars, one that shows how many of each piece there is on the map, and one showing how many cities there are creating each piece. If you click on a piece in the number of units bar it highlights where they are on the mini map, So you can see how your pieces are spread out more easily. Also if you click on a piece in the number of cities info bar it shows you where the cities making that type of piece are on the map. Maybe I'm a control freak, but I think these would make it easier to coordinate attacks.

It would be nice if the game no longer ended your turn automatically. That way if you moved all your active pieces, but still wanted to move some pieces that were asleep you would have the option. It would then be good to have a counter that showed the player how many active pieces there were on the map.

I also hate it when an air craft returns to base on its own. Sometimes it is important to decide witch of two bases a fighter returns to. So stop them from committing suicide, but let the player guide them back.

There is a bug when moving carriers, if a fighter is on top of a destroyer the carrier can move under the fighter as if the other ship wasn't there. :|

I hope that wasn't to long winded. Great game! hope some of this helps. :D

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