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Non Square maps?

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 4:37 pm
by stytagm
Hi Sean,

I'm currently loving MOAB, especially larger maps, but was wondering weather it would be possible to add non-square maps? (eg 40 x 100, long and thin).

My reasoning is, that on the larger maps I often get a bit disorientated and send units to and fro a bit randomly because I've forgotten where I was sending them. A long thin game would be a bit more "linear", with (once you'd conquered across) two "fronts".

Other aids to orientation would be to be able to rename cities, in my Civ days I'd name cities according to where they were and what they were building, eg "North-West-Paratrooper" etc, geeky but it made it easier to find them.

Finally (and this might be controversial) having the game not wrap at the edges would be an interesting option for me as a disorientated beginner.

Cheers muchly and keep writing the games.