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Unlock Technologies etc

Post by ChubbyJJFong » Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:44 am

What about having cities that produce technology that result in further tech? In this way the game would keep its beautiful simplicity but more options can be ?unlocked? IF wanted. For example you would have a basic WarLab(6-8 Turns) that would unlock 3 more techs(eg Army, Navy, Airforce) (6-8 T for each). Within Army for example you could research marines (6-8T) which would enable naval units to carry armies( eg Battleships 2, destroyers 1). You could research commandos(can take cities) that appear as a new unit that move 2(5T). Although these advantages are small just imagine the rapid deployment of commandos in a fleet of destroyers! But then again, too late, you spent to much time on research too early and boom?its over.

Under Airfoce/Avionics these options could be used:
Interceptor research (6-8T) (moves 10, 20Fuel). (replaces fighter or a new unit to appear (9T)).
Spyplane research (6-7T) (moves16, 64Fuel) (no attack but can report what a city is producing at what stage (when adjacent or not). It can see 8 squares). (new unit (8-10T)).
Refueller plane, tactical bombers (blow up only 1 square), strategic bombers etc.

Under Naval tech these options could be used:
Super carier (moves 4/5) can carry bombers.
Cruiser (moves 5) a destroyer that is strong against subs.
Dreadnought/flag ship technology (12 turns) a battleship not weak against subs and strong against other battleships. To produce a Dread (14-16 turns)
Hovercraft??? (sea and land movement)

In any game you would probably never see all this tech unlocked anyway, but it would give a few more strategic options and surprises.

You could also have a WW2 theme where each side is a country with slight difference (eg Japanese have Kamakazie (can blow up a ship only, but like a fighter in every other respect!). Germans have subs that move 5, and/or can attack as a movement( ie the sub could attack once move 2 then attack again - or attack 4 times in one move- without any movement).

What about designing your own units much like in Critical Mass?
Eg for each unit movement it costs ? a Turn.

All these changes would not be very hard to implement and you would not need to replace the original MOAB. Call it MOAB2? Or MOAMOAB?! or have it as an option in MOAB. Don?t hit me.

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Post by the space predator » Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:11 pm

The idea of technlologies can be cool.
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