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New map suggestions

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:58 pm
by SequelaRick
I bought MOAB a long time ago but didn't use it because I didn't have an iPad of my own. Now that I have a dedicated iPad Air I really enjoy this game and just posted a nice review on iTunes. Please note the suggestions at the end of that review for new maps that are based on major land battles. Without artillery and helicopters the gameplay now is mostly nautical. I think the audience for MOAB might open up too. One might imagine land maps with densely packed cities in some areas, collections of cities split by a river or narrow mountain range, six island maps (one for each player) with a limited number of ports on each island, desert wars with long exposed lines of attacking forces, segmented landmasses with rivers bridged once (but still allowing battleships to patrol the shore line), forested lands with interconnected lakes, mountainous lands with rivers running into common lakes, etc. All of this using perhaps +70% of the map as land. BTW, I like the idea of having in app purchase of maps and wish we had that for Conquest as well.