Any Updates? Make it Harder - Smarter AI - Play by Email?

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Any Updates? Make it Harder - Smarter AI - Play by Email?

Post by Snoobzilla » Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:42 am

I enjoy the game, but I keep winning all the time. I would love to see you make the AIs harder to beat. I remember that beating Strategic Conquest on the higher levels was frustratingly difficult.

So, I would love to see any or all of the following:

Adjustable AI production - Ability to increase AI production by a custom ration to make beating them more difficult (I think original Strategic Conquest may have used this strategy).

"Smarter" AI - Another thing that might make the AI seem smarter is to allow them to see the entire map all the time, no fog of war. Alternatively, let them see all city locations at the "Extremely Clever" level, and let them that and where all your pieces are at "Freaking Evil" level.

Make the Game Playable by Email - Makes the ultimate adversary available and may be simpler to program.

Also, I would love to hear pointers on how to make the game harder. From any current player.



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Post by highlandsun » Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:20 am

Same suggestion as for Slay - when any player gets some percent more powerful than any other players, have the rest of the AIs gang up on the largest player...

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