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mouse issues

Post by holg3r » Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:17 pm

Hi Sean,

here's another question/suggestion that does not seem to fit well into any of the existing topics.

My play sometimes gets "sabotaged" by the field scrolling left/right such that the position I am pointing at (to throw the ball) is no longer where it was a moment ago. One solution might be to define the mouse position relative to the field and not relative to the window -- but this would require a hack within Windows. A simpler solution would be to increase the size of the window (or decrease the size of the field) to fit the entire field inside the window and make scrolling dispensable in the first place. This would have the nice side effect that opposing dinos could no longer hide unnoticed in my endzone... :)

Another problem I have is that it often takes me too long to throw the ball. The other dinos can catch the ball and almost instantly throw it elsewhere, but my dino needs too much time for this. I realize that some of this is due to my limited motor skills :wink: but some of it is also due to the fact that I am communicating by my running and throwing decisions through the same instrument, the mouse. And esp. when I am running in one direction while carrying the ball and then want to throw the ball into a very different direction, it neccesarily takes time to move the mouse cursor there. I don't know what the best solution might be... Maybe to compute virtual response times for dinos (as if they were to move a mouse, too)?

What do the other players think?


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