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Notice some bug

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:53 am
by Raistlin
First, im very happy with the game since i bought it. I found some little bug... In fact its not really a bug but i think the AI could be a little bit ameliored on something. I noticed VERY often that the dino ( in my team) will drop his watch target in our toutchdown zone to take a new watch target that im following very closely. So he let the dino alone in our toutch down zone to watch a dino that im following and that i was going to stop alone... so the dino im following just have to pass to the single one to get point ... I think you should add some command line about watch target priority.

About the game in general I like it but after few season (around 20) I found that the best team are really better than lower and mine is not better after I won the cup in group 3 and 2 many time .. when i come in first group Im getting overnuked by best team .. because the only factor that is getting better in my team is me ... my player are always same ... I think when I win alot of game my player should be better and apply better strategy like the best team in game ...
or Im maybe wrong and its just me that is not good hehe ...