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Too short season!

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:35 am
by the space predator
As the title said, I think that the season are too short! only 5 match each! 3 thing can be done to extend it, and I suggest to combine these 3 instead of using only one of them:
  • Add more team. Whit only 24 team, two problem appear:
    • - the one already named above (too few match)
      -game became fastly repetitive, to alway see the 5-7 few team that are in the first division
    • Away and return match. If we play against the same team more then one time in the season (i suggest two, but it could be more), it extend natturally the season and give opportunity to "stop" well-ranked team by defeat them. Or give chance to team below you to defeat you and overpass you in the ranking...
    • A cup at the end of the season, like in Foosball, whit all the team figthing for the title, and/or like suggested in another topic, whit the best team that contest in a playoff.