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Some annoyances

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:34 pm
by Elendil90
Is there any way for me to dissuade my AI teammates from trying to tackle the ball-carrier from halfway across the pitch? I've had the last defender abandon the guy he's marking on the scoring line and try to tackle the ball carrier on the halfway line! Although this behaviour is, I suppose, predictable, I can't help but be shocked by such stupidity, and annoyed when it happens on my team. Especially in Division 1. :evil: I think I would prefer it if the AI could be taught to mark their men properly, this would not only eliminate a major defensive headache but hopefully make attacking more interesting too.

I'm having trouble predicting when a tackle will occur. The visuals are not quite clear about exactly how close a defender must get to the ball-carrier to be able to tackle. This is particularly annoying when contesting a catch, and also when chasing for the scoring line. I've suffered a lot of unexpected tackles because of this.

I also find catches confusing. Again, I find it hard to tell how close the ball must get to a player for a catch to occur. I often catch the ball without intending to (an unusual occurrence in real life) and get caught in possession as a result. When this happens in my own half conceding is inevitable.

Do other people have these problems, or is it just a case of user incompetence on my part?