Bugs and Feature requests

Five-a-side dinosaur football
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Bugs and Feature requests

Post by Zarni » Sat Oct 02, 2004 5:01 am

Hi Sean,

just finished playing a bunch of seasons of this great game - noticed a few bugs and would like to suggest some RFEs that would be nice to see in an improved version.

1. [BUG] There is a bug in the code to determine results where some teams end up with a score of -1. Didn't see it heppening until about season 30 or so.

2. [BUG] Whenever this game is playing on my laptop, CPU utilisation maxes out to 100% for the entire time of the session. Haven't tried it on a desktop, but this is a pain...

3. [RFE] Real-time tactical arrangement changing using keyboard shortcuts.

4. [RFE] Use of Right mouse button for special features - this could include a "Sprint Mode" for a brief burst of speed, or to toggle off the attract mode for receiving passes.

5. [RFE] A more comprehensive player management system. This could include different sets of attributes (speed and throw strength/accuracy) for different player roles, so that a tactical element can be added into man-man matchups. Alternatively, maybe a "star player" in each team who is a little faster/more accurate/stronger than the average player. This could possibly lend itself to a buy/sell/trade system for players as well. Differences between players shouldn't be too dramatic though, to preserve game balance and give all teams a realistic chance against each other. Also could allow for injuries and in-game substitutions, to change the tactical mix.

6. [RFE] Tactical "preferences" for the AI in certain situations (e.g. allow for "zone" style defences, option to set the last man to always follow nearest player to goal zone in 2 on 1 situations)

7. [RFE] Different styles of grounds, possibly leading to a home/away system. Different grounds may be different sizes, and include obstacles (trees, boulders, lakes? etc) on the field.

8. [RFE] A FA Cup style Cup competition for all teams in all leagues.

9. [RFE] Goal Scoring "zones" with different point scoring depending on where you get the score. Possibly look at different scores for running and catching scores, although not sure how that would affect game dynamics.

10. [RFE] Server code to manage an online league. This game leads itself to online league play in a big way (anyone interested in trying to start one of these?).

11. [RFE] Variable game speed (may not be applicable for network play)and game length settings.

I think this is a game with great potential... Haven't played a team-based sports game this much since my serious addiction to Speedball/Speedball 2 in the Atari/Amiga days (and there is a great game to look for inspiration of improvements - there was a lot they got right in their design and challenge factor in that game!).

Best of luck with it, I'm more than willing to beta-test any refinements.


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Post by Goblinarcher » Mon Dec 06, 2004 3:17 am

one thing that bugs me is how the guys go to the top of the screen and just dissapere. maby you could make a little arch that to go to and dissaper so it dosenot look like they go through a wall

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Post by Quitch » Fri Dec 17, 2004 11:06 pm

3. Would be handy, though I find there are one or two formations far superior to all the others.

4. I think that would rather defeat what the game is all about.

5. Same again.

6. Interesting idea, but unlikely I suspect.

7. I like this idea.

8. Surely a must?

9. Nah.

10. I suspect the game as it stands is a little too simple for this, but would be fun :)

11. No view.

What I'd like to see is the ability for the game to take up the whole screen (maxamise will do), as right now if you move out the mouse too far you end up clicking off the screen when trying to pass near the bottom and end up deselecting the window.

To be honest, there isn't much I want to see changed. Maybe a bit more work on the AI, and some kind of cup system... oh, and abilities based on the team name rather than the league they're in (bar the players team of course).

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