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Best performers step forward!

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 3:32 am
by Mangin
Anyone here able to beat the top division every single time now? I'm nowhere near this stage yet btw.

Since your team's performance also depends on your four team mates, I should think there'd be more elements out of your control and hence a higher chance that even the best players can fail to win sometimes?

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:16 am
by Zarni
I've stopped playing this (waiting for new version/updates) but I was winning div 1 about 75% of the time. I think my best div 1 winning streak was 8 seasons in a row, but I'd be a bit rusty now.


Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2006 1:07 pm
by Quitch
Yep, every single time.

I stopped playing when the tackling system changed.

Posted: Sun May 14, 2006 4:39 pm
by sid6.7
i can only win consistly in the frist 2 div...

i realy suck... :)

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:32 pm
by Arius
My best streak is 7 wins in a row. But ever since i improved in my game, i win about 66% of the time. My dinos sometimes play a terrible game against either Mammoths of Jurassic Steel, and usually those teams take the title.

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:46 pm
by Arius
By the way, what is the most you ever beat the AI by in a match?

My best is 11 - 0 against Bash Bash, when we scored every 16 seconds or so using almost exactly the same play.

Theoretically, you could score 13 goals in a match, but that means scoring consistently every 13-14 seconds.

Edit: I have seen 11 second goals, though it has to be almost perfect. So you could score 16 goals, though I doubt that anyone would be that lucky.

best performers step forward

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:15 pm
by jason_zanini
Yes, I believe after too much time spent on playing this game, a human can win consistently every time in Div 1.

My best ever record was a 37-0 season winning all 5 games, however I can only really play with a 1-3-1 formation as the central defender and always staying with the opposition striker. Other formations where I would play further up the ground will generally concede far more goals and be less consistent.

After a while the patterns of the different teams structures become predictable however, so learning typical moves to carry the ball into space, draw a defender while backpedalling to free open a teammate do give a consistent ability to score. Defensively I would usually concede on average 1 goal per game (5-7 a season) due to passing mistakes by my ai controlled teammates or by myself - so consistent perfection is impossible (as all sports in real life are). I love playing against teams who play the aggressive 3-1-1 structure as I play a sweeper position behind my defenders who man up with their 3-man attacking line and switch when one of my teammates leaves his man to tackle the ball carrier when I am playing defence.

Most difficult to score unsurprisingly is playing against a 1-1-3 defensive team. A lot of patient passing is required as essentially it becomes a 5-4 game with their one striker sitting up the ground ready to pounce on any mistakes.

I would love a world cup edition of this game with countries in the current world cup included (team uniform colours of course) to add a bit of extra spice given the lack of changes to this game since Sean's last update.

Any chances Sean?

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