Enhancements Request for Football-o-saurus

Five-a-side dinosaur football
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Enhancements Request for Football-o-saurus

Post by pasqualz » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:56 pm

Hi all, It's possible that nobody will ever see this thread, but I'm hoping that Sean may see it and consider making some enhancements to the game.

Bigger window - I'm not a fan of the scrolling field. It doesn't seem to serve a positive purpose from a strategic perspective. It does often limit the distance that I can throw the ball, since I can't always see the opposing team's goal when I get the ball deep in my own side of the field. Maybe this is exactly why you limit the window size, so that I cannot make these huge throws all the way from my goal to the other, but this could be solved by giving the dinos a maximum throw strength. So even if I placed my cursor all the way at the other side of the field, my dino's throw would be short of that destination. (See my Throw strength idea below.)

Dino collision detection for dinos who don't have the ball. - This would allow dinos who don't have the ball to block each other rather than just passing through each other. There have been many times where I could have blocked opposing players in order to get my AI teammate with the ball to the goal.

Throw strength - When my player has the ball, the way the game currently works is that I press the mouse button, then release to throw. Basically, as long as I have the mouse button depressed, my player doesn't throw until I release it. it would ad a great strategic dimension if the game would increase the throw strength (to a certain maximum, of course,) the longer I hold the button down. This would result in the ball traveling faster to its intended destination.

Speed boost - Each game, each dino could have 1 or 2 speed boosts that can be activated at any time by pressing the right mouse button. This would give a temporary speed boost to help get my dino past a defender or into the goal. It would be very strategic, as I would have to use these boosts wisely each game since I only have a limited number.

Keep a team's statistics. - It would be great to see how my team has been doing year over year. It seems to me that this could be accomplished by copying the season statistics from the game.dat file and appending them to a new file (maybe called history.dat) which would hold many seasons worth of win, draw, loss, points for & against and final place for the season. It would be great fun to look back on a team I created 5, 10 or even 20 seasons ago and see how we've moved up or down divisions and how we did overall. You don't even need to necessarily code a view screen for this if you append the data into this new history.dat file in csv or xml format, as I could easily import it into Excel to see my team's history.

I know Sean is busy making many other awesome games and Football-o-saurus is probably nowhere on his priority list, but if he would kindly consider these suggestions, it would be appreciated by a long time customer and fan of his games. Another option is if Sean doesn't think he would ever have time to add these enhancements, would he consider releasing the code so that I or others in the community could add them in?

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