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Five-a-side dinosaur football
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Winning Tips

Post by Arius » Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:51 am

Hey, this is my first post.

Football-a-saurus is a surprisingly fun game once you get used to it.

After having played 47 seasons so far, I have 24 titles, with The Mammoths at 8, and Jurassic Steel at 7. Jagged Tooth have 4, and there are several more with 1.

I have seen many posts of people complaining about the AI. The most common problem is perhaps the infamous "Abandon Defender" issue, where the last dino runs up to the guy U are chasing, letting him pass to the one in the back and score.

Here are the tips.

1. Any weaknesses the AI gives you, the opposing teams will also exhibit. The abandon defender issue happens with the other teams just as much, if not more, than with your own. Sometimes you just can't help it. You can recognize it if the dino with the ball is ahead of you, in which case the last defender will run up to him. If you are ahead of him, the last defender will stay put.
Basically, what I'm saying is that there is no point in agonizing over the flaws. Learn them and use them against the opposition.

2. It is generally difficult to score in a balanced encounter, where every dino is covered. Your best bet is in counter attack. When the opposition passes a ball so that the receiving dino is tackled, that is your chance for a succesful counterplay.

3. NUMBERS ARE KEY. If you got numbers (that is, more dinos on the attack then there are defenders), you are almost assured of scoring since there will always be an undefended dino. SPREAD OUT.

4. If you can't get numbers, then a MASTER PLAY can help.

MASTER PLAY - this is a method of tackling a dino when they are receiving the ball in their own half. Doing so almost assures a point.
How to do it?
When a dino near u is about to get the ball (in their own half), you need to run up close to him. The trick is to attack exactly when they get the ball, which will result in them getting tackled. This is easier said than done. I find that it is easiest to do when approaching from the bottom. Get close, and as the ball is about to land, charge the dino. If done right, u get the ball, and the poor bastard is lying on the grass, wondering what the hell just happened. Keep in mind, if you are too close to the dino at the time of receiving, you get tackled instead. Practice and you will get the hang of it.
On occasion, a dino that is victim of a master play can pull a WEASEL. This is when the dino gets the ball and instantaneously passes it, preventing you from tackling him (still better than u getting tackled). Usually, only the better teams can do this (Jagged Tooth is notorious, as is Jurassic Steel).

5. COUNTERCHARGE - REVISED - I recently discovered a sure-fire way to score tackles. Basically, the idea is that once you release the ball, even if it is still on top of you, it is considered "in the air". So if another dino is right on top of you, you two will fight for it. The idea is to do this on your own half. Wait for a dino to charge you, and release the ball at yourself (or at your feet) just as the dino is hitting you, and he will be tackled since its your own half. Likewise, this never works on opposing half since you will lose tackles there. Here is a scenario:
x - you, B - ball, D - oponent. X--> D (dino is charging at you.)
x-> D (he is getting close). Now do this: XBD. Esentially, the ball is thrown right in front of you, just as the dino is touching you, and since this is in your half, he is tackled and you move on. With practice, you should be able to do this most of the time.
Keep in mind, however, that after a countercharge you will be stopped dead for a moment, so another dino could tackle you if close by.

6. It would be very helpful to have the "automatically move to loose ball setting OFF. It is difficult to pull master plays with it. Having it off allows you greater freedom. If you haven 't already, try playing with it off. I played the first 15 or so seasons with it on, and didnt do that well. After it went OFF, i did a lot better.
One interesting trick to do is, when the ball is coming to you, to not catch it (impossible with auto move ON). Instead, run forwards and let the dino behind you get it (assuming there is one). This sometimes confuses the AI, and lets you run to the endzone without being covered.
Countercharges and master plays can win you many games, even if sometimes you blow it and lose a point. But hey, you can't win every game.
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Post by Arius » Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:53 pm

OH, and keep an eye out for INTERCEPTS

INTERCEPT - when two dinos are running along the passing trajectory towards that little x on the map ( Dino1-> Dino2-> x), the dino behind (Dino1 in this case) sometimes catches the ball prematurely, causing him to be instantly tackled by the other dino. I had this happen to me many times, both for the good and for the bad. It's just one of the things to look out for.

ANOMALY - there will be times where, to be literal, crap happens. Sometimes dinos will pass the ball in such a way that they fall victim to a master play. It happens on both sides and usually results in an easy score for the opposing team. There is nothing you can do about this, you have to accept it. The good news is that it happens to other teams as well, so you might end up scoring a free point when you need it. Just like all AI limitations, learn to live with it.
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Post by Jeren » Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:39 am

Good tips, Arius. Thanks for posting!

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