Most rewarding MOAB game I've had in a long time...

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Most rewarding MOAB game I've had in a long time...

Post by Legacy » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:49 pm

Having the most epic naval battle I've ever engaged in with my no destroyers unit set. Was quite a bit behind for most of the game thus far, and had to keep dodging enemy fleets with my scarce ships, but now, after a series of strategic battles at narrows, I've finally engaged a large enemy fleet in total naval warfare, just off the coast of a large island where a huge land war is being waged. I've still got a smaller bar than my primary enemy, but this should break the enemy's back in terms of naval power. It's day ~200, and I've got nearly twenty battleships engaged against a dozen battleships and a few carriers in the main battle, and a few running battles between battleship teams and enemy ships trickling in to reinforce the main event.

Anyway, back to the slaughter...
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