An old Conquest

A boardgame of world domination
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An old Conquest

Post by Hexfan » Thu Dec 30, 2004 2:15 am

I thoroughly enjoy the game and am loving the maps.

It reminds me of David Burns' Conquest, a DOS game back in 1993 that I still enjoy (especially the hexagon maps).

Have any heard of it or played it besides me? Yes, I still have it and plan to translate the maps over.


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Post by JonManning » Thu Dec 30, 2004 4:14 am

I haven't personally ever played or heard of the game, but thanks for bringing it up. Your post brings back memories of many old games I loved, not because they were loaded with the hottest graphics and sound effects, but because they were actually challenging and fun like Sean's current Conquest game is now.

If you can legally share your translated maps I'd love to give them a try.
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Post by gunnyragg » Sun Jan 02, 2005 3:23 am

I remember the "Old" Conquest by David Burns and still have the 3.5 disk (full registered copy). It had features that this new Conquest does not have.

I also have another version -- also with more features on another computer that I do not currently have connected to my network.

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magnodyne ?

Post by making_sints » Sun Jan 02, 2005 3:32 am

Does this reference to an 'old' conquest version by David have anything
to do with the Magnodyne version ???

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Post by Hexfan » Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:21 am

I have the full version too, just need to find the editor disc (5 1/4 inch even). Well the features David Burns' Conquest had are these:

Objective (pick one): Conquer all, 90%, 75%, or 60% of territories; Most armies after 8, 12, or 15 rounds; Most states after 8, 12, or 15 rounds.

Attack scoring (pick one): Even chances, weighted by # of armies, Wildly random, simulated dice toss, Cyclic (short or long), Unknown (random type)

Territory selection: Random, partioned, manual, player's choice

Bonus armies for eliminating: None, fixed at 5 or 10, escaling

Free move: At end of turn, at end of turn when successful attack, none; and How many: One, two, unlimited

Hide non-adjacent opponent's territories: Off or On

Penalty for attacking new continent: Off or On

Rebellions: Type of None, Strong to weak, Weak to strong, Random; Frequency of Rare or Often; and Territories affected of Single, few, or cluster

Team play: Players (human, network, or computer) in teams

Maximum number of new armies/turn: 2/3/4 territories held per army, but can select a max number/turn

Maximum number of starting armies: Range from 1 to 10

I would like to see this added to Conquest:
* % objectives (Game over screen faster than just selecting New game)
* Weighted and cyclic attack scorings besides the classic Risk one
* Partioned territories
* Two free moves
* Hiding armies in non-adjacent territories would add much to the game
* A water or other penalty for attacking a new continent would add a defensive element
* Rebellions could add that dying hope for a weakened player and frustrate the stronger one . . . or the opposite

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Re: magnodyne ?

Post by Hexfan » Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:25 am

making_sints wrote:Does this reference to an 'old' conquest version by David have anything
to do with the Magnodyne version ???

The same sword icon. Thanks!

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Post by making_sints » Thu Jan 06, 2005 5:43 am

I've played the Magnodyne version but didn't enjoy it as much as Sean's

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Post by eromrab » Wed Jun 22, 2005 3:59 pm

man, i loved that game. that was one of my first computer games (i'm only 25) back on a cheap PC that my dad bought me because i kept destroying his. :D

i just recently lost that game, as the disk that the game was on was scratched :( i searched the net for it but couldn't find it.

i also remember a game called Conquest for Global Domination (CGD). i loved that game too. no graphics at all. all text. but it sure was fun.

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That game is just impossible to find now :(

Post by NostalgicGamer » Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:49 pm

Could someone with a full version share at least, the reg. code ? (and if possible, the maps/editor/whatever else).

I highly doubt it is still possible to get a registered version somewhere else today...
Just looking for the shareware one took me several hours !

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Post by danialpaul1 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:17 pm

hehehehe stop destroying immediately now, I request you don't bother your dad, which was your first computer that you ever use, which was that ?
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