Wow, cool. Blast from the past.

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Wow, cool. Blast from the past.

Post by jpsmith » Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:41 am

This is awesome. My wife and I are going through ancient boxes of stuff to get ready for a move, and what did I find but a CD-ROM titled "Way Cool Strategy Games." I immediately remembered our past addiction with Slay when I loaded the CD to see what was on it. This was the 1996 version, and I just played it again without a refresher...I probably hadn't played it since '96 or '97.

I figured that Slay was an ancient relic (but an awesome one), but tried a Google search anyway. And here I am. How cool to see that it's still being developed and played.

The current online version history only goes back to 1.0, and I thought that the previous versions may interest some fans. Not that I have any personal knowledge of these, but just to prove I'm walking around with an old copy that provides a bit more history in the version notes....

"Atari ST basic version. I originally wrote 'Slay' in STOS Basic on an Atari ST in 1989. It was called 'Battle Hex' and had up to just four human players. All the main ideas of teh game were there though, such as 4 different strengths of men, castles and money.

Atari ST Assembler version. The next version was written in 68000, again on the Atari ST, in 1990. The game was renamed 'Empire' and included several new ideas. Each territory had a capital where its money was kept, (and if you captured a capital you gained all of that territory's hexagons) there were trees and mountains, and men jumped and flags waved to attract the player's attention. There was also the option for computer controlled opponents, although they weren't very intelligent (not easy to do in 68000!) The world was bigger than the screen size so a 'World Map' was needed to view different areas. Also, each player had a time limit to make their moves (this was to give the computer players a chance as they were quite thick)."

Pretty cool, huh? This is now making me think of other games from the distant Sierra On-Line's "Wizard and the Princess" on the Apple II+, which was my first graphic adventure game....a big step up from Zork.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and keep up the great work, Sean!

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Re: Wow, cool. Blast from the past.

Post by sarangkaith » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:35 am

Hi, I like this site, moreover, your post is awesome in light of the way that it's incredibly important. Also, you did an honest opinion on the previous version of Way Cool Strategy Games with so much prestige which I like the most. I truly respect your work and my words are clearly supported what I felt through such processes within the past.

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Re: Wow, cool. Blast from the past.

Post by motorman » Sun May 13, 2018 12:22 am

Agreed,... I remember getting this from a demo disc during the late 90s from where I was staying at in the UK. I was wondering the same with where it went and I found the game here on the website. I would think it has that board game like feel but compact yet in-depth gameplay with the game pieces which make the game feel like it's worth learning and getting into. Very Nineties.

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