Hints and tips

Real time World War II combat simulation
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Hints and tips

Post by Andywoolnough » Tue Dec 07, 2004 4:25 pm

I seem to be as tactically inept as Lord Cardigan at the Battle of Balaclava, especially when defending. Any hints and tips of what you guys find work would be gratefully received - I've been shot so many times as my command disintegrates around me I'm starting to feel paranoid every time I hear German accents!


Post by Guest » Wed Dec 08, 2004 9:43 am

You might want to start by selecting "File", "New Game" and setting the difficulty level to "Very Easy". According to another post in this forum, the only thing affected by the difficulty setting is the size of the enemy force.

In the assault, the key is to get your fire support in place before advancing. In defence, to be honest, your guess is as good as mine. So far, I've only fought one defensive battle. After 3/4 of an hour, the few men I had left were pushed off the objective, although I had managed to take out about as much as I lost as well as three tanks. The computer rated my performance as "adequate" so I guess that means I wasn't a complete disaster, even if I felt like one :lol:

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Post by Andywoolnough » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:29 am

Thanks! So basically the whole game revolves around sitting still and shelling the bejeesas out of anything that moves? Hmmm, that'll be fun.

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Post by rich12545 » Wed Dec 08, 2004 4:22 pm

When doing defense try setting up fields of fire on two sides, defilade, and killing zones. Try setting up your units in woods/towns and steering the attackers to open fields where you can hit them with artillery.

Andy Brown
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Post by Andy Brown » Wed Dec 08, 2004 9:51 pm

Andywoolnough wrote:So basically the whole game revolves around sitting still and shelling the bejeesas out of anything that moves?
Nope. The game revolves around suppressing the enemy long enough to get a manoeuvre element through their position, then setting up the fire support to suppress the next position etc. "Shelling the bejeesas out of anything that moves" won't kill everything (partly because, once it comes under fire, some stuff doesn't move!) and it won't get you onto the objective.

Firefight is actually good enough to be a military tactical trainer at the platoon and company level. It's not perfect (I could have sworn I had a KV1 knocked out by a 37mm through the frontal arc, and the British 2pdrs are firing something that looks horribly like high explosive) but it does the basics very well. In particular, it emphasises winning the firefight (best done with quantity, not quality) and covering manoeuvre with fire, two prominent aspects of successful warfighting.

Oh yeah, don't rush things. I consistently use "too much time" (according to the computer) but have still been rated "good" on some occasions. A slow partial success is better than a hasty defeat.




Post by Guest » Wed Dec 15, 2004 2:38 pm

I split my armies into 2 wings, and I jam the enemy between the 2 wings. Also, make sure HQ is near the middle of the army, the radios have a limited range, and if 1 of your squads is being slaughtered, you need to be able to tell them to move away and to go somewhere else.

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Post by Quitch » Thu Dec 16, 2004 10:16 pm

I think the problem that occurs during defence is you see what you should hold, then sort of place your troops around it, thus you've already let the enemy encircle you. As said above, set up killing zones, but also know where your troops will be falling back to should they end up bearing the brunt of the assault, and have support ready to cover this retreat.

During the campaign I found the defences much harder than the assaults :)

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Hints and tips

Post by Andywoolnough » Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:10 am

Thanks for all the advice - it seems that I have a lot of military learning to do. Attacking I can do, my problem is that when your defending forces are so small you have to take the enemy on with one unit - they're often on top of you before you can even move a unit and once under fire, your squads tend to die really quickly. I just had one in the desert on campaign mode where it was 120 Italians against 40 of me- oh, and they had four tanks. After 10 minutes I had around 90% casualties, hadn't moved a single unit as they were all under fire from the word go, and my smoke and HE barrages were taking an eternity to come in. Needless to say the retreat I ordered ensured a "poor" rating. Not much fun! Do you have to just accept that you're going to be wiped out occasionally in this game?

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Post by Greatgraddage » Fri Dec 17, 2004 8:46 pm

Yep, just like in the real war there will be battles which you can't win, or that are near to impossible to win. To get a better rating try and drag out the battle as long as you can, not as realistic but the game takes into accouint your much smaller force and may give you a better rating for the length of time you hold the enemy at bay for.
Firefight... Those were the days.....

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Post by Quitch » Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:53 pm

Just try and inflict as many casualties as possible, hold them for as long as possible, and as soon as the situation becomes untenable, retreat.


Hints and tips

Post by Guest » Mon Dec 20, 2004 5:22 pm

Great - thanks for all the advice!

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Post by Quitch » Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:51 am

I've done a lot better at defence, managing to score Very Good against Fairly Major attacks.

My advice to you is use an aggressive setup during defence. If any part of the map on your enemies side is open and offers cover on yours, place a squad there. If there's cover just out of your area, put your squad against the edge of your zone and move straight into it when the battle starts.

Keep a Flamethrower squad around in cover. I underestimated them, but they slaughter tanks. Any tank in range DIES. If the enemy tries to charge, you will kill them with this squad.

If the enemy tanks start shelling your positions, hold your ground and get the artillery onto them. You'll be surprised how long your men can hold out in good cover like buildings. Wounded men can still fire too, but don't move too fast, even more reason to stay.

You should be able to stop the enemy attack cold without having to withdraw. If you find one of your flanks is clear, use it to flank the enemy.

I would reccomend that you always have at least one tank. Nothing can break the back of an enemy infantry assault like a tank, and you can move it to hotspots as needed, and to ambush enemy armour as it reveals itself.

The most important thing is to deploy forward and catch the enemy in the open. They almost always have open areas on their side, and you will catch them in it too.


Post by Guest » Thu Apr 21, 2005 2:30 pm

Quitch wrote:Keep a Flamethrower squad around in cover. I underestimated them, but they slaughter tanks. Any tank in range DIES. If the enemy tries to charge, you will kill them with this squad.
I'm just getting the hang of this game, but I would definitely agree with this assessment.

Here's what I do in defense...

1. Set up on high ground in two or three large infantry groups. Place them in cover (woods or buildings) Put at least one heavy machine gun team to support each infantry platoon. Set them up to cover kill zones in the open.

2. Personally, I remove all tanks except one. If U.S., I make it a Sherman and place it well out of the battlefield and well hidden so it won't draw fire or find targets to shoot at. Also by eliminating all but one tank, that leaves me lots of cash to buy several flamethrower and HMG units.

3. I Place 2-3 flamethrower units right on or very near the objective and keep them well hidden in trees or buildings if close by. If I have enough cash, put 1 or 2 flamethrower units well behind the infantry teams to support them if they get overrun (but away enough for when the steel rain inevitably falls on the infantry).

4. If I have 4 infantry teams, I keep one in reserve back toward the objective and out of sight.

So here's what I do with that set up...

1. The enemy will stumble into the infantry teams and get pinned down temporarily.

2. Wait for the tanks. Try to draw their fire with the infantry because the tanks will stop until they are out of targets. That'll give you enough time to put arty fire down on them effectively. I can usually kill at least 1 tank with arty fire.

3. DONT bring up your one tank to kill enemy tanks...that'll just get the tank killed. At least if you're playing U.S.

4. Usually my front line infantry gets pounded. 30-50% casualties, but they hold out.

5. At some point, the enemy tanks will make a rush (without their infantry to support them) toward the objective. I let them come.

6. The flamethrower units at the objective will easily kill them and the surviving crew.

7. I wait a bit to make sure there isn't another enemy tank waiting in the wings (usually aren't any), but if I'm sure they are gone - that's when I bring out the Sherman and mop up the enemy infantry. By this time the enemy is usually out of heavy arty and low on ammo and when my tank rolls out - the enemy either surrenders, scatters or dies.

This approach works best when the objective is under cover (trees or buildings) so you can best hide the flamethrower units as they are key to the success. If they die...I'm in big trouble.

Personally, I think the flamethrower units are a bit too powerful as they'll kill a tank in 2 seconds...but I'll take it. They are far cheaper than a tank or artillery and much more effective. Also, I've been able to kill infantry troops with a flamethrower unit even if they don't have a perfect line of sight on the bad guy. I just order fire as close as I can get and several times I've been able to kill the bad guy anyway.

My two cents. I've still got a lot to learn, but this has seemed to work well so far.


Defense Tips

Post by Tim_Myth » Tue May 31, 2005 4:17 pm

Defense strategies change depending on the amount of troops you are able to take, but the core of your defense should always be something like this:

2 field guns (largest calibers available)
3 squads of infantry
1 flamethrower/bazooka
cost: Approximately 70 credits

Men should be placed around the objective in a 'Last Stand' encirclement defense. Letting the enemy surround you is a bad idea, but when you're hopelessly outnumbered, it is your only hope for delaying the enmy long enough. Field guns should be positioned inside your circle of men while also allowing for large fields of fire (use the Squad Fire command from the drop down menu during placement). Two squads of enemy infantry can overrun a field gun without much problem, so it is important to defend them with your own men. The flamethrower/bazooka unit should be placed to the side of the objective. Don't place them behind the objective, as they'll likely get chased away or (worse yet) run over by charging tanks. Make sure to spread your units out so barrages don't chew them up completely. The computer seems to prefer barraging men, so position your guns far enough away from your infantry that artillery barrages on your men don't aso destroy your guns.

If you have enough money (75-150 credits), increase the number of field guns and men. Having 4-5 field guns will ensure the destruction of the enemy's tanks, and having 4-5 squads of men will allow you to set up better fields of fire that will channel enemy troops into kill zones.

If you find yourself insanely rich (greater than 150 credits), you can opt for a cheap tank, but don't skimp on field guns in favor of a tank! Even cheap tanks are about twice as expensive as one field gun, and when defending, the ability to move a big gun around the field isn't as vital. Let them come to you! The only reason to have a tank is to kill those heavily wounded enemies that haven't surrendered yet but are keeping your squad of infantry from giving chase to a fleeing enemy. Parking a tank on your objective will also prevent any infantry from getting too close (even if your tank is completely out of bullets!), which is why it is pointless to spend more money on an expensive tank. The rule of thumb with tanks is that the last guy with a tank on the field is the winner.

When selecting men, it is almost always better to choose large numbers of rifles and carbines over sub machine guns(SMG). Light machine guns (LMGs) are good too. The only time you might want a squad of SMGs is if you have a large section of wood that you must place soldiers INSIDE OF (not on the edge of). SMGs are great short range weapons for suppressing the enemy. When defending, it is better to kill them before you need the suppression ability of an SMG.

You'll notice I don't mention mortars. Mortars aren't very useful. They lack a large amount of ammo, and ALWAYS take 4 rounds to hit a target you've selected. That means one mortar will probably only kill about 6 guys. The best use I've found for a mortar on defense is to push an enemy tank out of his well defended position into a field gun's line of sight. Of course using it that way means you set up your field guns in the wrong position in the first place, so this is not a recommended tactic. The other problem with mortars is that the infantry in the unit don't have rifles. Once the mortar is out of ammo, they are useless. A field gun has 3 times the ammo a mortar has and can potentially kill with every shot. Then when the gun is out of shells, the gunners become riflemen and can hold your objective.

Heavy Machine Gun squads (HMGs) are an odd case. They're nearly as expensive as a whole squad of men and don't kill much better than a squad of men. They have a longer range than a squad of men but horrible accuracy at that range. My advice is use them if you know you have a great place for them, but you won't go wrong opting for a squad of men instead.

My apologies to anyone who knows real life tactics, these are just the things I've learned playing this game. Please do not use this advice as a plan for any real life battles or plots to take over the world. ;)


Post by Guest » Wed Jun 08, 2005 1:18 pm

simple tactic i use whenever im defending, which has led to many good, a few very good and the odd superb score. only really ranging into the poor when im outnumbered at about 2:5.

no tanks, sell a tank and get two field guns, more ammo and they tend to get shot and run away less.
try and get at least two guns on top of hills where they can shoot anything that comes - with three taking out 4-5 tanks can be no problem at all. however usually in time these guns get hit by enough tank shells to take them out (the gun crew can then fill in gaps in the line near where they are), so i leave one well behind my lines, close to the objective, with a clear shot at it for when the tanks rush. i leave a recce squad just downwind of the objective to mop up the crew and stop them holding the objective, sometimes involving HQ if the recce team got run over or cheesed it. this recce squad can also act as as a relief squad if some of your other squads pasted

place infantry in as wide a formation as possible, in a line 1-2 inches infront of the field guns, behind small ridges or where they can attack a large field of view, they act to stop the tanks giving time for the guns and arty to have a good go at them.

mortars arent vital, but i have at least one, usually two evenly spaced behind the infantry (incidently mortar crews baynonnette their enemy even when theyre not out of ammo). the main use i find for them is attacking enemy mortars, who seem to be ridiculously accurate, sometimes killing 60% of a squad.

for this reason i usually try and get a squad flanked right round to the rear of the enemy, attacking their mortar positions and then moving into the enemies rear, which when all tanks have gone results in huge amounts of surrendering, sometimes up to 20 on a defence. when a complete squad is not free to do this, a second recce squad can do the job nicely. radio contact can be a problem but running yourself up the biggest hill you can find, or even flanking with HQ up a big hill can work, so long as you dont bump into the enemy :lol:

these tactic have been devised in the desert, fighting a campaign from the start of the war it seems like ive got another 100 missions to go to get into italy, having fought 50 already. are there any plans for air support, a major aspect of the war sadly missed out by this game

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