Curious (Valorous?) Battlefield Behavior

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Curious (Valorous?) Battlefield Behavior

Post by Dunkirk » Tue Jul 11, 2006 3:11 pm

I presume these are a quirk of the AI, and I am not complaining. I am just wondering if anyone has any theories as to what caused the two following incidents to happen.

1) In a defensive mission, a (German) Panzer rolled into a killing zone I had set up, with a field gun and a PIAT in opposite enfilading, plunging positions. However, when I ordered the field gun to fire, the crew started repositioning the gun. I ordered fire repeatedly, as the tank rumbled on toward the objective, entirely unmet by defensive fire, and this particular gun crew literally rolled their gun down off the hill, out into the open, and began pursuing the tank! After literally 90 seconds of this, the tank turned around and blasted them, without them every firing a shot. Though I was intrigued to see them repeatedly reposition toward the enemy, they had a wide-open shot, but simply refused to fire, and got themselves killed for no advantage. I was so angry at that crew, I cheered for the Jerrys.

2) When probing into a wooded area, a 3-man squad of MGs got ambushed. They returned fire immediately, and actually dropped a few enemy, despite losing one of their own. Then, before I could bring up support, one of the MGers got up and seemingly charged the enemy, who outnumbered him about 8:1. He appeared to run purposely toward them, turning and reorienting as individual enemy men came into view. Remarkably, he killed one, and two others actually surrendered to him! It was extrordinary, to say the least.


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Post by TheKangaroo » Tue Jul 11, 2006 6:07 pm

As far as I know (or let's say: experienced) each squad is made up of individuals. Some of those happen to be heroes while others prefer to dig in their helmet without pulling it off. When encountering the enemy you quite often see some of your men getting supressed, some of them trying to get away and some of them dashing and crawling forward to get to a position to fire from.
Concerning the unfortunate gun crew: I'm not too sure about that, but it might be the occurance that at first they wanted to get themselves into safety (or whatever) and then back to a firing position as you ordered them to. The trick is, that guns just like mortars take a little time to get ready to fire after displacing. Maybe those two effects led to a little glitch.

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Post by Andy » Tue Jul 11, 2006 7:14 pm

aint seen the field guns giving chase before, despite playing far too many games if im honest.

ive seen some men in a squad run full pelt away from an enemy, which just so happens to take them into another enemy squad, where they run about for a bit with a bit of battle madness on them before they get killed. sounds like a mental bloke.

ive also seen this the other way round - a single enemy running into my squad, and rather than deliver a point blank kill 8 guy ge up and run a good 15 metres away from the other guy.

personally i think the recon teams (i assume thats what you mean by 3 x MGs) are some of the best fighters, often if im on a hard defence i pick a few HMGs and as many recce teams as i can afford, and scatter them all over the map. have managed to fend off attacks from vastly superior forces this way, best done on mostly/all infantry
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