Slay Improvements ... maybe :)

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Slay Improvements ... maybe :)

Post by Kiwi » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:49 pm

Gidday Sean

Firstly, many thanks for the download link ... worked a treat and great to be able to play other islands.

Still cannot beat #1 on very clever ... maybe I need a tad more practice :)

Just a couple of suggestions to maybe improve Slay, no to actual game, but recording of results.

1) have different colour background (currently yellow) to show what level you previously won on each island ... ie: a different colour for very stupid all the way up to very clever

2) currently, each time you win, the current number of days is placed on the man, maybe you could change that so that (along with the different colour above), only the best score is ever shown, then you can tell easily which island you have to repeat to better you previous high score ... ie: winning in 30 days at very clever is a better score than winning in 15 days at very stupid

Other than that, wow, wish I had played this years ago.

Oh, one other thing, I think the download was missing the games for the phone too, could not find any files / folders for them ... not that I have a phone capable of playing Slay yet, but very soon I hope to get an iphone.

Cheers, Rodney (aka kiwi)

PS ... is it my computer or is your spell checker a US one :)

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Post by Legacy » Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:56 pm

On the screen where you see what maps you've won, you can tell the difficulty level you've beaten them on by the dude shown. Very Clever uses a Baron(highest level piece), and Very Stupid uses the Peasant. It goes through the ranks like that.
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Post by Made in China » Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:33 pm

Firstly as legacy says they use the 4 levels of the Slay men as a guideline for difficulty i.e. Peasant = VS, Soldier = S, Knight = C, Baron = VC

Also if you do an island on a higher difficulty than previously then it automatically replaces it with that high score no matter how well you did
I hope this was enlightening
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