FYI - Windows mobile 5.0 on cingular 8125 (htc 8125)

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FYI - Windows mobile 5.0 on cingular 8125 (htc 8125)

Post by phillip9 » Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:32 am


Just an FYI
I was trying to use the slay demo on a cingular branded HTC 8125 smartphone with a stylus running Windows Mobile 5.0. When I try to install slay through activeSync 4.2 the HTC 8125 pops up a message that says the software must be digitally signed before it can be installed.

I tried 2 times before starting this message and tried one more time so that I could type up the exact error message, but it installed the 3rd time I tried.

I am thinking since I had a problem I'd continue to post this message so that others that try searching will find this message.

It seems to run good, the PDA is a bit slow, with only an OMAP850-195Mhz processor, so slay runs as well as it can.

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