iPhone tweaks: Mark people/building for "No Action"

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iPhone tweaks: Mark people/building for "No Action"

Post by ben » Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:02 pm

This is really necessary, IMO. When going across the island, to be able to 'mark' a person / building with 'no action' for this turn without using the action, so that at the end of my turn.
(1) I don't have to click 'ok' for the fact that a buliding or man is unused.
(2) I don't see that man/building still flashing.

Also, if you can fix those two conditions, then being auto-focussed to a (next) remaining active man would be a real nice to have.

This is much more relevant for the large islands.

Thanks for adding more sea!! Now it's easier to place on the very edges of some of the large islands...

Of course, these ideas are all because I really love the game...

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