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Sean OConnor
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Post by Sean OConnor » Thu Feb 03, 2005 3:38 pm

Goblinarcher wrote:is there anyware we can see the "to do" lists for your games?
Unfortunately my "to do" list is just a sheet of paper I keep for each game in a folder. Yeah, bit low tech I know!

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Post by rich12545 » Mon Feb 07, 2005 9:34 pm

Sean O'Connor wrote:
rich12545 wrote:The number one thing I'd like to see is a slowdown feature. The game simply moves way too fast.
OK, I've added that to the "to do" list.

That's great Sean. Thank you.

Btw, the dollar just made a 3 month high against the euro. Is that good news for the pound also?

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Sean OConnor
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Post by Sean OConnor » Tue Feb 08, 2005 7:37 am

rich12545 wrote: Btw, the dollar just made a 3 month high against the euro. Is that good news for the pound also?
It's improving against the pound but it's still very weak :(

See: http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/fds/ ... _month.stm

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Post by Legacy » Thu Feb 17, 2005 4:52 pm

Hate to add yet another suggestion, but here it is.

Paratroops should be able to move to a friendly city and return to flying transport mode so they can be reused.

P.S. I really like the diplomacy idea.

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Map Editor

Post by Tiamat » Mon Apr 11, 2005 1:09 pm

I've been playing this game on and off for a couple of years now. As much as i like the latest and greatest of graphics-based video games, this one is always a favorite.

I'd REALLY love to see a map editor. Is there any way of easily modifying the editor code for slay to work with MOAB?

Of course I'd like to see a couple of the suggested modifications in the game, but a map editor is tops on my list of wants.

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Post by Tiamat » Mon Apr 11, 2005 1:23 pm

Another suggestion:
I realize that the intent of the game is to keep it simple and easy to learn to play, and balanced.

Think about this.
The basic game (standard settings) is as it is. But then include in the pieces and options setting vertually ANYTHING.
You could include as many pieces as you wish and let the player decide which unit he wants to include in game-play.
Sure... certain combinations would send the game way out of balance, but the player can figure that out for himself. I think that we all like a challenging apponent. So if you're too good for the computer... Set the balance of the game to the computer's advantage by offering him more pieces to play with.
On the other hand, if you don't play it anymore because you can never seem to win against the computer, or your brother that is really good at war games. You can give a few advantages to yourself to even out the playing field.
So as long as the basic (out of the box) settings are balanced and easy to learn, that's all that really counts.
I'd say GO WILD! Ad all that your heart desires and make it something that you can download and learn to play in five minutes, but also something that gamers can spend a lot of time messing with as well if they choose to play with the control panel.

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Post by mrkorb » Sat Jul 09, 2005 8:21 am

I'm still playing 3.1, so if any of these have already been put into 3.2, go ahead and ignore them.

* Let us change the hotkey settings. I've Dropped more paras than I can count when I actually wanted to Sleep or Finish their turns.
* Add an option to halt all piece productions. It gets kind of annoying at the end when you've got cities on the other side of the world pulling you away from the area of the final battle.
* Sometimes when you've captured all the cities, there's still a boat or a plane out there of a different color, which can't do anything in terms of taking a city. Could the AI be set to recognize that it really is hopeless at that point and give itself up.
* Increase the production list window to display 16 days. I figure if we can set a piece's production time to as long as 32 days, we should be able to see at least half of what's coming up.
* Bring back the land/sea/air rankings display from a few versions ago. I really liked that.
* The green and aqua teams are really close in color and hard to tell apart. Maybe orange, brown, or dark gray would be better.
MoAB player since 1995

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Post by Fighter_Ace » Sun Jul 10, 2005 8:46 pm

Also, has anyone noticed that when you drop paras on one of those dot sized islands, the tank becomes worthless! I think it would be cool it it could at least shoot from there... maybe even halt transports temporary. Otherwise, those little "dots" are pointless.
My thanks and best regards to all my former submitters.

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Multiplayer "Networked" Suggestion - Automated Ema

Post by Snoobzilla » Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:45 am

I would love to have a way to play this with friends or other enthusiasts online. I have skimmed the rest of the forum and haven't seen this suggestion which I think would be relatively easy to implement.

The game is turn based and already has a prompt for new human player. There is already a way to save games for later play as .gam files. To make this easily playable online via email seems like a pretty good option... I mean I wouldn't want to wait while the other guy takes 5 or more minutes on a turn later in the game anyhow.

I am not a programmer but I have worked in the software industry and I will describe what I envision would need to be done here.
:idea: At the beginning of the game collect player names and emails. Prompt for changes to piece attributes now because dialog will be locked later.
:idea: Save the game at the next human player prompt, and open the computer's default email program with the saved file attached and preaddressed to the next player. Alternatively send directly from program, but still use regular email accounts and file attachment so that you don't need to provide a server or have people mess with firewall settings. If either of above is impractical, just put the file on the clipboard and let the users figure out how to send.
:idea: Either shut game down, or otherwise put in standby until called for next turn.
:idea: Add password input to next human player prompt. First turn of game have player set their own password in a standard change password dialog box. After the first password input, the player would be need to know the password in order to change it...
:idea: If necessary (may be the demo/licensed double install on my machine) modify the way the exe handles double click on .gam files and opens directly to game and turn as required.
:idea: If necessary include piece attributes in .gam files (probably there already).

And finally... don't kill yourself encrypting the passwords or trying to enforce that people have not played a turn more than once in order to get better outcomes from a turn (i.e. cheat). That stuff can more or less be a matter of honor, I mean it's not like the fate of the world depends on it or anything :wink:

As an old SConquest player I love the game,was really excited when I found it and very pleased at your execution, good stuff. But it would a lot of fun to play this with others without having them at the house for hours and hours... not going to happen outside of my old college dorm.

PS... The other big feature for me would be patrol move with specified start/end points (even if I had be at start point to initiate and you didn't provide logic to prevent fuel problems with planes). In fact, I would prefer you remove fuel logic from bombers.

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Post by Quorad » Wed Sep 21, 2005 6:48 pm

I think that those dots are very AUSOME!!!!
It's like sentry posts so you can see if there is an enemy there passing by or something.
More DOTS!!!

Oh yeah... Map editor and options for generations for the map. like continents or small islands or something

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