Couple of AI issues

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Couple of AI issues

Post by Quitch » Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:13 pm

Played the demo (I own the original board game... do Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, now that rocked :)) and noticed a couple of AI quirks in a situation where only yellow had men left, and both were swimmers.

1. Green got to move the dolphin, but didn't move it away from yellow. Now, I put this down to either

a) Green couldn't win at this point

b) The dolphin was more than three spaces away from yellow therefore it didn't bother.

2. Either I missed it, or yellow didn't always move his swimmers.

3. Once yellow moved a sea monster three spaces away from him one space, then a sea monster right next to him away one. Surely he should have used both points on the second sea monster?

4. Sometimes the AI moves a piece back and forwards to use up its moves.

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Sean OConnor
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Post by Sean OConnor » Wed Aug 31, 2005 11:21 am

1. I'd say you might be right there that the dolphin was far enough away. And if he moved it would it have gone closer to someone else?

2. He might not have moved if he was surrounded by monsters.

3. Sounds like he should have done what you said but maybe he moved that first sea monster closer to enemy swimmers?

4. Yes, that might look odd but it's not a problem really.

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Post by Quitch » Mon Sep 05, 2005 4:12 pm

Let me tax my memory on this one:

1. I believe all the swimmers were in the bottom left and the dolphin towards the top right. It would have moved away from them all.

2. IIRC he could have moved towards an island without moving nearer a monster OR move away from the monsters without moving away from the island.

3. This I don't remember.

4. Okay.

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