My comments/questions after trying the game...

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Sean OConnor
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Re: My comments/questions after trying the game...

Post by Sean OConnor » Wed Feb 23, 2005 10:37 am

Old Man Johnson wrote:Well, it was interesting...but it ran slow on my 300 MHz computer. Could you tell me why? Is it the graphics? Because if it is, then there could be some sort of option like in CM...
You can adjust the delay in the computer's moves in the Options menu
Are you putting network play?
Yes, but that will be in version 2.0
Sea monsters are ridiculously good. The computer got 3 moves on it and wiped out 5 enemy guys in boats. Make them slower. It's also pretty ridiculous how you can just sit sea monsters in front of island entrances...
That's just the way the rules are! I don't want to stray too much from the original board game.
Make the dolphin not show up as much. Those things are pretty useless to move at the moment, as the computers always move them away. If it doesn't how up as much, it's harder to use (you have to either move swimmers there or on rare occasion move the dolphin) and better (because the comps don't mess up your plan).
I find the dolphins quite useful. It's always worth chucking a man on a dolphin just in case you get lucky and it doesn't get moved.
Do guys die if the hex they're on sinks and they have nowhere to jump AND a boat appears under them? I'm a little suspicious but have no evidence.
No, if the men have nowhere to run they will stay on the same hex and will be affected by what appears under them. If it happens to be a boat they are placed in it.
EDIT: Sea monsters should be able to eat other animals, and so should sharks. It sort of makes sense...
I think you'd end up with almost no monsters left though!

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Post by Raistlin » Wed Feb 23, 2005 5:57 pm

I think when a monster eat something, it should stop his movement for digestion :)

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Post by qwas » Sat Apr 16, 2005 4:55 pm

Old Man Johnson wrote:Those ancient Israelites from the Bible...
what about the Isrealites? I study this type of thing. Are you trying to say by praying to God they could predict the enemies death? (Sorry religions that bow down to idles!!)
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Post by Quitch » Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:20 pm

Survive is the American name for Escape from Atlantis.

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Post by Fighter_Ace » Fri Jul 08, 2005 3:02 pm

Old Man Johnson wrote:Interesting grammar, Raistlin... :lol: I like it.
Raistlin wrote:I dont know how many language you talk old man johnson but English is my third language. So, sorry if you find my grammar interesting. Dont forget that on internet you can met people of all country.

Maybe, old man Johnson, you should spend more time contributing ideas and stop trying to be the "grammar police" on the forums. No one (at least not me) likes being jabbed at about their poor grammar or a simple typo :wink: . That's not what this forum is about. And remember, if you are going to comment about something like grammar, please make it considerate or just don't do it all together.
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Post by Old Man Johnson » Mon Jul 11, 2005 3:06 am

:( Ouch. True, though. Thanks for the tip.
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