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Firefight is a World War II real-time simulation game with more AI and attention to detail than any other game in its genre to date. Tanks are modelled with a physics engine and have gears, rev counters and speedos, and steer themselves with brake levers to give them realistic looking tracked vehicle movement. Each bullet, shell or piece of shrapnel is modelled in 3D and ricochets realistically off sloping surfaces. You can see each infantryman's rank, name, weapon, ammunition remaining, heart rate and fatigue levels. Machine gunners will call for ammunition when they're running low and other squad members will rush over with spare ammo if they are carrying any. Wounded men call for medics who will sprint over to administer first aid. Off-board artillery can be called in but will have to fire several ranging shots before the full 8 gun battery opens fire simultaneously.

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The older non-DirectX version of Firefight is still available:
Buy all 13 Windows games (including old Firefight) for just $20

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 Firefight resources
See the Firefight Discord server

See the Firefight message board

See the version history of Firefight.

Download the Map Builder for Windows I wrote to create and edit the maps

 What's been said about Firefight
How on earth a gem like this one has evaded me for so long is a mystery to me. ... I couldn't more highly recommend Firefight to players of military strategy games. -, Apr 2007

"[Firefight] is reminiscent of Atomic's classic military RTS Close Combat, but has a cleaner, more refreshing edge. The lip smacking zing owes as much to what's been left out as to what's been included." - PC Gamer, May 2007

"...some people claim they'd rather be playing this than the hugely successful real-time strategy game Command & Conquer" - PC Magazine, November 1998

"Packed with authenticity and realism, Firefight is an enjoyable challenge for veteran strategy gamers" - PC Magazine, November 1998

"...the most realistic and fun game of this genre to date..." - Personal Computer World, November 1998

"Firefight is a compelling real-time strategy game with a storyline right out of the history books." -

"Firefight is a neat infantry battle game" - Gamespot

"Firefight is a great game in a small package - Lycos Hotfiles February 1999

"More realistic than Command & Conquer and much more mentally stimulating"-

"Great artificial intelligence makes this game almost unique."- GamerZ #1 Choice

"For a one-man show, this little gem is truly amazing and I highly recommend you give it a try" -

"This is an excellent, independently designed wargame, perfect for gamers fascinated with WWII." - TUCOWS

"Bref, un très bon logiciel amateur qui a le mérite de faire aussi bien côté réalisme que les Close Combat édités par Microsoft et SSI." -

"Harsh spotting rules ensure the first few minutes of battle are always nail-biting. Sending troops and armour through deserted valleys and villages, you wait for the inevitable crackle of small-arms fire, or worse, the bark of a hidden AT gun. Contact! Sprite soldiers automatically hit the dirt, run for cover, or start returning fire. Vehicles reverse hastily through hedgerows." -

Finalist in the 1999 ZDNet shareware awards